“I’ve always had a passion for being creative and doing what I love above all. Designing and executing a bespoke cake or dessert table brings me so much joy! Seeing the final product and how my clients react to it, is what makes it all worthwhile.


Hi, I’m Sumari!

As a child I remember that I loved being creative and pushing the limits of new and exciting things in my life. After high school, I decided to complete a 3 year diploma in Somatology and to extend my knowledge by going on the cruise ships, until I met my now Hubby and we all know how the fairytale ends!


We welcomed our amazingly cute and busy boy about 2 years ago, and he’s been such a big part of our lives and we can’t imagine life without him. I started Sweetly Detailed in 2015 as a small business not knowing that it would grow into the full time business it is today.


Sweetly Detailed is a Gauteng-based Bespoke Cake and Dessert Table designing firm with a contemporary and minimalistic style. I started Sweetly Detailed as a way to satisfy my sweet tooth, stay creative, come to terms with insomnia and please my inner perfectionist with a unique artistic vision.


Nothing brings me greater joy than bringing a customer’s ideas to life in the form of something beautiful and delicious. I am obsessed with making sure every little detail is flawless and that your event reflects your unique style and personality.


My job is to create the most jaw-dropping and delicious Cakes and Dessert Tables you and your guests have ever seen (or tasted), before it’s devoured. My mission is designing a luxurious and delectable display with meticulous detail that captures the essence and style of your event to make it truly memorable.